🥵 Hot Face Emoji Meaning

🥵 Hot Face Emoji Meaning

🥵 Hot Face Emoji Meaning

What is the meaning of the symbol 🥵 Hot Face?

The Hot Face emoji 🥵 is utilized by an individual who is endeavoring to convey their feelings of attraction towards you. And that they find what you are doing to be very appealing. In response to someone who is texting a picture or a topic that the other person finds appealing, this is a flirtatious response.

🥵 Hot Face Emoji Symbol Copy

Facial Heat
A face that appeared to be overheated due to high temperatures, with beads of sweat; eyebrows that were furrowed; tongue that was sticking out; and a reddish-orange color. The number of sweat droplets and their position differ from platform to platform. The term “hot” can also be used to refer to appealing physical characteristics.

The majority of platforms offer expressions that are variations on face expressions such as 😰 Anxious Face With Sweat or 😥 Sad but Relieved Face as examples.

“Overheated Face” was the name given to the Hot Face when it was approved for inclusion in Unicode 11.0 in 2018. It was also included in Emoji 11.0 in the same year.

🥵Hot / AngryFlirtatious
Safe for useSafe for children

Additional examples and interpretations

  • “Oh my goodness! 🥵”
  • A response to a picture or something else in which the individual finds the message to be alluring is an example of the emotion known as flirtatious intention.
  • You are unable to subject me to this! 🥵
  • Another example of someone flirting with the use of the 🥵 emoji could be considered an expression of the emotion of flirtatiousness.
  • Meaning of this emoji 🥵 from a guy

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