Does Disney own Dreamworks

Does Disney own Dreamworks?

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Does Disney own Dreamworks ?

No, the dreamworks company isn’t owned by Walt disney. Dreamworks Pictures was created in 1994 by Steven Spielberg ,Jeffery Katzenberg and David Geffen. Jeffery katzenberg was working with disney and resigned from disney before co-founding the company, which caused some kind of confusion and always showed the disney involvement with dreamworks.

The question which always blows in people’s minds is does disney own dreamworks ? so, in this article people will find out the answer which will clear their confusion about disney and dreamworks. So Dreamworks isn’t owned by disney. Dreamworks studio and universal studio both are owned by comcast.

Agreement between disney and dreamworks?

Dreamwork and Walt Disney motion pictures both entered into an agreement of distribution.according to the agreement walt disney will distribute the films of dreamwork through touchstones pictures. This agreement was valid till 2016. After october 2016 dreamwork started its projects with universal pictures and its pictures were marked and distributed by them.

After that agrement people think that dreamworks is owned by walt disney which is fake news that is spread all over.

Owner of dreamworks currently ?

Dreamworks is currently owned by the following members

  • Universal studios
  • Reliance entertainment
  • E1 entertainment
  • Alibaba pictures

NBC Universal studio who is currently owner of dreamworks animation acquired dreamworks in 2016 for $3.8 billion. Universal Pictures have been distributing most of the Dreamworks films since 2019 and they also own most of the rights of the company.


According to the studies we conclude that dreamworks is an animated film production company that was working with disney till 2016 under the agreement for distribution otherwise the news of partnership and the disney acquired dreamworks are fake and meaningless. Dreamworks is currently working with many other companies, Universal Pictures is one of them. So,Dreamworks is not owned by the Walt Disney company.

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