How To Donate On Twitch

How To Donate On Twitch Easy Guide For New Twitch User

How To Donate On Twitch:

Twitch is a fabulous site where you can watch different gamers play online games, chat with their fans, and entertain them through different competitions. Through twitch, you can donate to your favorite streamer to encourage him and motivate him to create better entertainment and delight for you. In this guided article we will tell you about the complete process of how to donate on twitch.

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By following the process you will be able to know how to donate on twitch. Basically, it’s a very easy process where you can follow a few easy steps and become able to support your favorite streamer. So let’s learn about the process! 

How to donate cash to support a Channel

How to donate cash to support a Channel
How to donate cash to support a Channel

You can support a channel through many different ways on twitch. In this article, we’ll show you how to donate on twitch. You can provide benefits to your favourite streamer through a real cash donation.

1. Open the twitch website

To donate on twitch, First of all, you have to open the twitch website through your browser from mobile or a computer.

2. Open your favourite channel

To donate on twitch you have to load the channel of your favourite streamer. After loading the channel move to the next step.

3. You have to find donation button on-screen through scrolling

In this step, you have to scroll down until you see the donation button on the channel. There might be chances that the donation button won’t exist; it means that the streamer is not accepting donations.

3. Fill the instructions and click on donate

By clicking on the donation button there comes a tab where you have to put your details like amount and donation message to your favourite streamer. From there you can donate after completing the details click on donate and submit your donations.

5 fill payment details

Complete the payment details and finalize your donations. When you complete the details the donation will be sent to your favourite streamer and he will be notified after completion.

How to perform A “Bits” Donation

1- Open the twitch website

Open the website from your mobile or pc.

2- Login and open your favourite channel

 First login to your twitch account and open your favourite streamer channel whim you want to support through bits.

3- Go to the top right-hand corner of the screen and click on “Get bit” tab

After your profile button above the stream you will be able to see the ‘Get Bits’ tab. You can purchase your twitch bits by clicking on it.

4- Bits donation!

After purchasing your twitch bits the next step is to donate them to your favourite streamer. To donate them you have to type ‘cheer’ with the number of bits you want to donate. For example, if you want to donate 700 bits to your favourite streamer you have to type ‘cheer700’- by this way you can easily donate Bits to your favourite streamer and support him.

Another way to support streamers is by subscribing

twitch website
twitch website

Now there is the option of subscribing to a channel on twitch streamers channel which costs approximately $3-5 dollars according to the tier class you wanted to subscribe to. By this way both streamer and subscriber will get benefits, subscribers get special features that include chat and remote.

It’s a great method through which you can support your favourite streamer. But it said that, besides donation, the Twitch streamer is unable to receive the total amount of subscription. Twitch takes its share from this amount.


So, there is a complete process through which you can donate on twitch. Supporting twitch streams through real cash is a great way to encourage the new and existing channels. By donation, they come to know that people like their work and also appreciate them which motivates them to create unique content. We hope our article on how to donate on twitch will prove helpful for you.

How can I donate money to Twitch streamers? 

Simply you have to login to your twitch account and open your favourite streamer channel. Then click on the donation button after that, put details and donate real money to your favourite streamer.

How to write a donation message on twitch? 

Load the favourite streamer channel and find the donation button. After clicking on the donation button, you have to put the amount details and a message which you want to give to your favourite streamer about his stream or about your donations.

How to donate Bits on twitch?

You can also donate bits on twitch by loading a twitch account and after purchasing bits you can donate bits to your favourite streamer account and type ‘cheer500’. This is a way through which you can donate bits.

Do twitch streamers get real money?

Yes, twitch streamers get real donations which help them to create unique content and motivate them., pub-3351419494554149, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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