Is DDosing illegal ?

Is Ddosing illegal? How To Get Safe from Ddosing

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Is ddosing illegal?

Ddosing is basically the Distributed Network Attacks which is also known as Distributed Denial of services (DDoS) attacks. DDoS attacks are the kind of attacks that will be sent to web resources in the form of requests to exceed the capacity of the website to handle requests and to stop the website from working properly or correctly. DDosing attack is a cybercrime which is prohibited and totally illegal by the government. According to the Computer fraud and Abuse Act it is completely illegal and cybercriminals may face many difficulties in the form of jail and a fine of $5,00,000. DDosing is a kind of cyber attack in which internet traffic and spam data is sent to the victim server through various sources and computers to make the victim server inaccessible.

How does DDosing attack work ?

Multiple computers and internet devices are used to perform DDoS attacks and these devices are controlled by cyber criminals and infected by malware for attack. They use more powerful devices to assault and recruit the attacker and use more infected devices for the attack. The multiple compromised device used for the attack is a Botnet.

In the initial process the bot is sent to consistent traffic requests to the host legitimate website visitors and flood of requests overwhelm web service and deny ransomware DDoS attack is not always launched for the extortion process. They are usually used to send messages of hatred and  intended to solely cause disruption. These DDoS attacks range from personal vendettas or political activism and provide motivation to hacktivist groups such as ubiquitous groups anonymously to launch DDoS attacks.

Types of DDoS attacks

There are many types of DDoS attack. Some are  deeply complex and some are simply easy to migrate from one system to another.DDoS use different variations in a single event to increase the damage and frustration.

Three common types of DDoS attack are 

  1. Volumetric attacks
  2. Application attacks
  3. Protocol attacks

Volumetric Attacks 

In volumetric attacks the attackers prevent real visitors from loading victims’ websites and it is the most common type of DDoS attack. The attacker use data packet and floods a web server

To completely saturate is bandwidth. In volumetric attack the DNS amplification is a type in which data requests are sent to an open server and which result in response traffic aimed at victims.

Application attacks 

The top layer of the open system interconnection OSI model is targeted which requires less bandwidth saturation and focused on the top layer which executes a successful DDOS attack in application attack. It targets the path of common internet requests like HTTP and these attacks can request and download millions of pages per second and have rapid consumption of server resources in application attacks.

Protocol attacks

In this type of cyber attack the 3 and 4 level of the OSI model deplete the resources for firewalls and load balancers.SYN flood attack is an example of protocol attack and attack the TCP/IP transaction and exploit standard 3-way. The three phases of transaction are 

  • SYN – the host receives a message to initiate the transaction
  • SYN/ACK – confirms the request for information
  • ACK – server closes the connection.

DDoS attack identification

There are following identification through which one can know the happening of DDoS attack.

  1. Very slow website loading 
  2. 503 unavailable error occur 

Steps to prevent the DDoS attack.

To prevent your business from cyber attack you have to apply some security measures and tricks that help you to secure your website from DDoS attack.

Few common security measures are 

  • Increase bandwidth of your server 
  • Block suspicious IP address 
  • Implement multiple firewalls with packet filters 

 Is DDosing illegal ?

Yes, ddosing is illegal and comes under the cyber crime and computer fraud act and attackers can be imprisoned for 10 years with a huge fine.

What is the effect of a DDoS attack?

Through DDoS attacks one can easily damage the website and prevent real users from visiting the website and attackers take control of the devices.

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