Weight gain story ( from being skinny to healthy)

Weight gain story

Nowadays we are living in a world full of awareness, trends , passion , fashion , beauty and health. People know how to maintain their beauty and appearance. Weight plays an important role to enhance beauty and give an attractive shape to the body. So, people work on maintaining their weight according to requirements.  Overweight people want to become normal and struggle to gain proper shape whereas Skinny try to gain weight because being skinny affects their personality. So, we are going to tell you the real weight gain story of a girl who gained the proper weight and became an elegant personality. Gaining proper weight built confidence and had a great impact on one’s  life.The real weight gain story of a girl who start her journey from 46 kg weight to 62kg and struggled hard for a year.

Why I wanted to gain weight ? 

Being skinny impacts my personality. Everywhere in school, college and university people look at me like an abnormal person or  something is missing in my personality and body. My friends, fellows and cousins make fun of my body. I feel ashamed when they used to say that you don’t need enough space to sit, little stuff will be required to make your dress , your mother does not give you enough food to eat, look at your arms it’s just like 3 years old child arms etc. These things make me feel embarrassed and I started losing confidence and became unable to face people. After that I just decided to groom myself and gain weight to enhance my beauty and confidence. So, I started some research and continue to follow the few points that I’m going to discuss in this article. Let’s get started ! 

1. Believe in yourself 

I started to believe in myself and adapt to the routine and always think positive. Positivity is the first step which helps us to do anything to achieve our dreams and fulfill our requirements because you are the one who can do this for you. Your dreams are yours and you have to struggle to achieve them. Gaining weight was my top priority . I struggled hard for more than one year and believe that I can do this. Now I’m enjoying my life with confidence and people appreciate my personality, work and looks. 

2. Eat healthy 

For gaining weight I struggled for more than a year because I opt for natural ways to gain healthy weight for my body and avoid supplements , steroids that help to gain weight fastly but also have a negative impact on the body. So for this i follow the following diet chart 

Diet chart

1. Eat a banana and drink one glass of milk daily. You can also drink banana shake.

2. Eat breakfast with portions which include protein , carbohydrates and  vegetables . I used to take omelette with brown bread and salad which provide iron, minerals and vitamins to my body in healthy and safe way.

3. I eat vegetables and fruits 2-3 times a day that increase metabolism and maintain our body and give strength to our bones and muscles.

4. I avoid fast food though I wanted to gain weight but I also wanted to stay healthy. So, junk food can help you to gain weight but it can affect your stomach and body. 

5. I take advantage of home made fresh food to gain weight in a healthy way. So, I used to cook homemade veggies and meat with low fats and full of nutrients and vegetables, which was the best thing that helped me to gain weight .

5. Gaining weight does not means that u just have to eat enough. It also requires great effort. You should do regular exercise and walk to increase your stamina and metabolism rate .  So daily walk and exercise is best way to gain healthy weight.

6. For gaining proper weight, sound sleep and sleeping hours matter a lot. So for weight gain you should sleep for at least 8 hours a day.

7. If you feel that your body lacks some type of nutrients You need to consult your doctor for proper medication and if required you can take calcium and  multivitamins that strengthen your body.

Step 3 

Check weight 

While struggling hard to achieve appropriate weight, besides following the diet chart u also need to check your weight at least once in a month that will ensure you that you’re going towards a right track and boost up your confidence and courage. After following all those tasks, I was ready to measure my weight. I was so worried but when I measured my weight I was so shocked and excited that after a month I gained 2 kg which was the best moment of my life. That moment I shouted and announced to all that I gained 2 kg. After that I was confident and more focused on my goal. And here I’m from 46 to 62 kg with a height of 5’7 feet .

Step 4 

Maintenance of weight 

After achieving my goal now the task is to maintain it . It’s good that you gain weight and proper shape but i can also be disappointed when your weight is raised up to your desired limit so u need to maintain your weight according to your height and it can only possible when you eat properly and do walk and avoid fast food.

So, this is all about my struggle to achieve a good body and boost up my confidence level by good looks . It helped me to achieve a better place in society. Now people appreciate my work and my talent rather than making fun of my body and weight. Being healthy and beautiful are necessary elements which provide a great feeling of pleasure, confident and peaceful mind.


For gaining proper weight u should focus on your goal and eat healthy food that contains fruits, vegetables, milk , proteins enriched pulses, eggs , meat, chicken . Exercise and walking requires us to increase metabolism today and to remain fit. Avoid junk foods and steroid supplements which have a negative impact on the body and can damage different parts of the liver, lungs , stomach and kidney. Being focused on your goals and choosing a healthy diet helps you to attain proper weight and a healthy body. For this u should believe in yourself and take good care of your body and measure weight on regular period of time and take multivitamins according to your doctor advice. Stay healthy and be more focused! 

How can I gain weight? 

You can easily gain weight by eating food that contains protein ( chicken, egg , pulse)Carbohydrates ( wheat, bread) and vegetables which are enriched with iron minerals and other elements essential for your body. So by eating healthy and timely you can easily gain weight in a natural and healthy way.

Does some can gain weight immediately?

No, no one can gain weight immediately in a healthy way. It depends upon the metabolism rate , height, exercise and type of body one can get 2 pounds weight in a day if his metabolism is good. 

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